An old photoCommonHistory is a new social media platform where you can preserve, share, and discover timelines of photos.

We have just launched, so please be patient as we work out the bugs! Here are a few of the features you can try:

Browse through the Global Timeline using your scroll wheel or by dragging the date to the left or right. Click on any photo to read the caption.

Search for something in particular by typing a word into the search bar. It could be a noun (like dog, Chadwick, or Coke) or it could be a verb (like toss, cry, or fly) into the search box. To the right of the search bar, you can use the dropdown menu to search by Subject or Place. Switch to Place and try Wildwood or France.

Browse through all the different timelines or members by navigating the dropdown menu to the left of the search bar.

Create an account by clicking on the Sign Up button, then create a timeline by uploading your own pictures. Add names, dates and places as best you can, so others can find them.

Share your timeline (or any timeline) with the curved arrow button, or message a user with the envelope button (especially if you have valuable information to add to their caption).

Our unique GRAB feature allows you to find photos on your friends' timelines and instantly add them to your timeline. (You can then modify the caption, but those changes will only appear on your timeline).

At the moment, all of the photos you add to your account will be public, so please don't upload anything you aren't comfortable sharing with the whole world. But please do especially upload special photos that you think other people would be interested in discovering.

Learn more on our Tutorials, Terms and FAQ pages.

And please send us feedback using our Contact page.

By contributing your photos and captions to CommonHistory, you'll be working to preserve our shared cultural heritage.

CommonHistory is a division of and copyright 2019 by Wonderful Machine Inc.